Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Melbourne

Im in Melbourne doing some ink work along with Quality Cutz, located at 58 Foxwood Dr, Point Cook, or 0415914810...Best fades and haircuts and tattoos...

God Bless

Thursday, July 21, 2011

DOM - Japanese style sleeve - work in progress












Its been a long time since we started with this sleeve...been two years I think, we do bits here and there but Dom finally came through to get this part out of the way....
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Angels and the counsel of God - work in progress






Here's where we're at with my good friend Vee's religious-theme sleeve...
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Neck it




Was planning on getting some ink work done on myself so I stenciled a little Maori design on me neck and asked one of the barbers to have a go with the machine....we did a few lines and I honestly couldn't stand the pain...we'll continue this next month or may be next year...
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Praying Hands



One of our barber Big Willz work came through for some work...
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My father has forwarded me this news story about hilarious mistranslated signs used by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. It appears Royal Caribbean Cruise Line did not verify the Chinese translation's accuracy and blindly trusted Google Translate.

Luckily paper signs can be reprinted, unlike tattoos.

Corned Beef Hash => "salted beef jumbled signal"

Ham and Bamboo Shoot Salad => "clumsy actor and bamboo's salad"

Garden Greens => "[botanical] garden became green color"

Chicken and Mushroom tart => "timid and rapidly grown prostitute(s)"

Regular Milk => "policy milk"
Half & Half => "secondary butter blended mixture"

Green Split Pea Soup => "green separation pea soup"

English Bacon => "English [language] cultivate root"

* Update: several readers have informed me that 培根 is an acceptable transliteration for "bacon" in Taiwan. However, the sign is still incorrect for using "English [language]", instead of "English [cuisine style]".

Creamy Italian Dressing = "butter Italy costume"

Original Story:
中式英文令人啼笑皆非 美国人英译中菜单更搞笑(图)

Language Log:
Timid and Rapidly Grown Prostitutes

Monday, July 18, 2011

Melbourne Trip

The last week or so has been about relaxing and trying to get into the spray cans and digging into the wall at the studio...there has been some ink work but I haven't got around to posting them up...also, a couple of canvases are just sitting at the studio gathering dust...they're destined to be some airbrushed portraits of a client's cherished family members..however, I haven't got myself into the headspace required to carry out this job...perhaps it's the upcoming trip that's been moving in my head more so than the task at hand...My boss at Quality Cutz Barbers is taking me to Melbourne for two weeks on the 27th of this month. He's set me up with some clients there..which is exciting while at the same time sad because I haven't left my family on their own before...this will be the first time. Also will be the first time traveling for work reason...If you've been stopping by here more often than me and the updates and you're from Melbourne, keen for some ink work or a styled haircut...hit us up.....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rosster Ranger - Smile Now Cry Later





The Rooster came through again to get some work done....even took some photos with some fans and regular customers of ours
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Orene - Chest done and dusted







Orene came through to get the chest part of his tattoo done and chilled out with the Barbers crew...
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